Everyone wants to attain that pearly, white smile. There are many ways to whiten teeth, whether at home or at the dental office. These include whitening strips and gels, chairside bleaching, etc. Unfortunately, your teeth will not remain white forever, regardless of your whitening procedure. However, some last longer than others do. Keep reading this blog to know how long does teeth whitening last.

Teeth Whitening Process: How Long Does it Last?

How long your teeth remain white depends on your chosen procedure and the preventions you take. Do not forget that tooth-whitening processes only reduce the stains, not get rid of them permanently. In addition, the type of tooth stain you have matters too. They are of two types:

  • Intrinsic: internal stains that result from aging, trauma, infection, medication, etc. They are difficult to remove, but the right treatments can help eliminate them.
  • Extrinsic: external stains due to food, smoking, drinks, etc. Teeth whiteners can significantly reduce them.

Some popular whitening processes and how long they last include:

1. Whitening Toothpaste

Using a whitening toothpaste daily can show results in 2 to 6. Moreover, your teeth will remain white for around 3 to 4 months. Since they contain hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, and mild abrasives, whitening toothpaste can show effective results. However, they only remove surface stains, not internal ones. Regular use can further enhance the color of your teeth, but many people are sensitive to the chemicals. Therefore, discuss this option with your dentist and make sure you use a treatment that will not damage your teeth.

2. Whitening Mouthwash

Whitening mouthwashes usually comprise hydrogen peroxide and can remove some amount of surface stains. However, whitening mouthwash will not give effective or desirable results. If used alone, it might take as long as 3 months to show results. Thus, you can use them with in-office whitening or other treatments to enhance your pearls.

3. Whitening Strips

Many people opt for whitening strips to whiten their teeth at home, as they are one of the most effective treatments for tooth stains. They contain peroxide to bleach your teeth and get rid of stains. Additionally, some strips use LED accelerator lights to remove stains more effectively. You might need to use whitening strips a few times before you notice visibly whiter teeth. Moreover, some strips give intense results lasting up to 6 months.

4. In-Office Tooth Whitening

In-office tooth whitening takes place in your dentist’s office. It is a professional teeth-whitening option that typically requires one visit. Furthermore, it is a highly effective procedure that uses concentrated bleaching agents to remove stains from your teeth. Some dentists also use heat or light to accelerate the bleaching agent.

An in-office teeth whitening treatment is not permanent, but it can last from a few months up to 3 years ─ depending on your oral hygiene and lifestyle habits. For instance, smokers and coffee drinkers will soon find their teeth dulling.

What Should I Do?

Many people strive for teeth whitening. You can go for toothpaste, mouthwashes, strips, gels, trays, or chairside bleaching to enhance your smile. Depending on your chosen treatment, you can get remarkably whiter teeth for a few months or 3 years. If you want professional teeth whitening, our skilled dental specialists at Gateway Family Dentistry can help. Dial 661-829-7905 to schedule an appointment right now!

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