Can My Invisalign Fix an Overbite? All You Need to Know

Jun 30, 20239638 Views

When your top front teeth stick out beyond the lower incisors, it means you probably have an overbite. Dental malocclusion is not easy to deal with; it can cause many dental complications and affect the aesthetics of your smile. Thankfully, orthodontic treatments can push the overlapping teeth where it belongs, saving you from many future […]

I Do Not Snore, But I Think I Have Sleep Apnea — Is it Possible?

Jun 15, 20233731 Views

Snoring is a symptom highly associated with sleep apnea — if you deal with a sleep breathing disorder, it is often connected to the relaxed tissues that vibrate as you breathe. However, you may have noticed you have sleep apnea symptoms, but you do not snore. So, can you have sleep apnea without snoring? How […]

What to Eat After Teeth Whitening?

May 30, 20233853 Views

So you have finally decided to invest in your smile; good for you! You would, of course, want the results of your teeth whitening procedure to last. To do so, you should follow the dentist’s instructions on how to maintain a bright smile for a while, which includes your diet. So, what to eat after […]

Surgical & Non-Surgical Procedures that Treat Gum Disease

May 15, 20231980 Views

Brushing, flossing, and proper oral hygiene is not only important for healthy teeth but for healthy gums as well. If you are not mindful of your oral hygiene, it can have detrimental effects on your gums. Over time, gum disease develops, and it only becomes worse as the days pass. Your periodontal health will be […]

3 Reasons You Have Swollen Gum Around One Tooth — What to Do?

Apr 30, 20234008 Views

Imagine getting ready for bed, getting into your pajamas, and brushing your teeth — only to notice your gum looks swollen around one tooth! It can be pretty scary to spot problems with your gums, and you might think something is wrong with your oral health. While it is always better to visit a periodontist […]

Exploring Dental Veneers: How Long Do They Last?

Apr 15, 20232223 Views

Veneers are a popular option for restoring chipped, stained, and misshapen teeth. With their popularity on the rise, you may have multiple questions regarding dental veneers. If you are investing your time, money, and a bit of tooth enamel into something — is it going to be worth it? When you get veneers, they match […]

Is the Dental Crown Procedure Painful?

Mar 30, 20234336 Views

While no one thinks getting a royal crown would hurt, opinions change when it comes to dental crowns. There are multiple misconceptions surrounding dental procedures, but we are here to put them to rest. If your dentist suggested a dental cap for your damaged tooth, you might wonder, ‘How bad is getting a crown?’ Dental […]

Is Fluoride Good For Your Teeth?

Mar 15, 20232462 Views

We all know how important brushing and flossing are for healthy teeth. But do you know dentists stress using fluoride? It is known to boost the health of your teeth, strengthening them and giving you a bright smile. So if you’re wondering what fluoride does for teeth, this blog is for you. We will tell […]

The Link Between Sleep Apnea and Heart Disease: What You Need to Know

Feb 28, 20234631 Views

Sleep apnea is an often overlooked and untreated sleep disorder that can have serious health risks, including a connection to heart disease. If you’re concerned about the potentially life-threatening implications of sleep apnea, look no further – this blog post is here to provide insight into how the disorder works and what can be done […]

Fluoride: The Critical Component for Optimal Dental Care

Feb 15, 20232757 Views

Fluoride is an essential element in sustaining healthy teeth and gums. Regular consumption of fluoride helps to fortify tooth enamel, preventing it from breaking down due to erosion or cavities. Yet, you must be cautious with your fluoride ingestion since an excessive amount can lead to dental fluorosis. The Benefits of Fluoride for Dental Health […]


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