Do you think your tooth needs a root canal? When your tooth’s pulp gets infected by decay, a root canal helps clean it out. Tooth decay takes place in a number of stages, so knowing what the root canal symptoms are can help. Therefore, we’ll tell you how to know if you need a root canal in this blog.

Root Canal: 5 Tips on How to Know If You Need It?

Your oral surgeon or dentist can inspect your tooth to know if it needs a root canal. However, root canal symptoms do not appear silently. You’ll know for sure that something is wrong with your tooth. Hence, you might notice these signs that you need a root canal:

1. You Have Persistent Tooth Pain

You will experience persistent unbearable pain in your infected tooth. While the pain comes and goes for some people, others complain about their jaw, face, or other teeth hurting. Moreover, you might experience both of these situations.

If you feel a sudden wave of pain, it could be due to an infected or dead tooth. Thus. Inform your dentist whenever your tooth hurts.

2. Your Tooth is Sensitive to Hot & Cold Triggers

Do you feel a dull ache when your tooth comes in contact with something hot or cold? It could be because your teeth have sensitivity. However, the pain will be present a while after you remove the trigger. So consuming ice cream, coffee, tea, etc., can result in tooth pain. The sensitivity indicates that your tooth’s blood vessels and nerves are damaged or infected.

3. Your Gums or Tooth Look Discolored

If your tooth or gums look darker than usual, it could be because you need a root canal. When your tooth suffers from an injury or trauma, it can have a lower blood supply. The reduced blood flow can lead to the dead tooth pulp.

The infection can also spread to your gums, discoloring them. Thus, dark gums and tooth color might indicate that you need a root canal.

4. Swollen Gums

Swollen gums are also a symptom that you need a root canal. Noticing swollen gums near the affected tooth means you should go to a dentist straight away. You might even experience pain upon touching the swollen region, although this is not always the case. In addition, a bump or pimple might appear near the infected tooth.

5. Loose Tooth

The acidic waste products from nerve death can soften the bone around the nerves. As a result, your tooth might come loose or start moving. A loose tooth is one of the major symptoms that you need a root canal. Still, other factors like gum disease and pregnancy can also be the reason behind tooth mobility. Regardless of the cause, it is always advised to get urgent dental attention when your tooth starts feeling loose.

What to Do Now?

Now that we’ve told you how to know if you need a root canal, it is better to visit a dentist if you notice the symptoms. Tooth decay, infection, and other dental issues are not something to neglect. Therefore, dial (661) 829-7905 to schedule an appointment with Gateway Family Dentistry today.

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