Dentists emphasize proper oral care more since overall health depends on it. However, many times, there are specific reasons that may turn the situation otherwise. Improper care or trauma can cause various problems such as cavities or chipped or broken teeth. These situations may or may not be an emergency, and in such a scenario, the dentists always go for a temporary filling of the tooth.

Temporary Tooth Filling

Just like the name suggests, these fillings are not meant for the long term but will only facilitate the dentist with short term protection. Temporary fillings provide protection for that amount of time until they prepare their permanent solutions. A temporary filling relieves tooth pain while waiting a few hours or days.

Temporary caps

The dentist may place a temporary cap if a deep-seated cavity needs a dental crown. It works to protect your tooth until the permanent crown is ready.

Seal For the Time Being After Root Canal

Your tooth may need a temporary filling after a root canal to seal that void. This is a requirement to protect the nerves from food debris and bacteria.

Temporary Filling For Cavity

A short term tooth filling is best for sensitive teeth to calm the nerves down and start off with the healing program before a permanent one is placed.

Reasons to Opt for Temporary Tooth Fillings

In certain situations, dentists deem it necessary to fill the broken tooth with temporary filling in emergencies;

  • In case your dentist wants to examine the tooth further
  • Unavailability of permanent filling,
  • Specialized filler for teeth such as gold is needed or if you have had a root canal and are waiting for a restoration cap.

Composition Of Short-term Tooth Fillings

This type is not supposed to stay inside the mouth forever; it is softer since it requires moving. Moreover, permanent fillings are made to match the tooth shade, whereas there is no such requirement when it comes to temporary filling for the tooth. Some of the materials used are:

  • zinc oxide eugenol
  • Cavit
  • zinc phosphate cement
  • glass ionomers
  • intermediate restorative materials

How Long does A tooth Filling for a Temporary Purpose Last?

No one can put a specific time limit on the filling life; it varies from person to person. However, they are not supposed to stay for long, and they do not work because of their soft structure. On average, temporary fillings should last about a few weeks to months on the tooth.

Short term Tooth Filling Maintenance

Just because they are not going to stay on forever does not mean that no maintenance is required. Here’s how you can take care of temporary tooth filling at home:

Careful biting and chewing of food is the first step. Make sure to use the other side of your mouth that does not have the filling. In case it is on both sides, chew with care.

Avoid crunchy or sharp foods that may displace the filling. Always brush that area of your teeth gently not to dislodge the filling.


Take adequate care to fully use your filling until the permanent solution is prepared. Head to Gateway family dentistry for a quick checkup and treatment options for your tooth troubles. Call now at 661 829 7905

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