While no one thinks getting a royal crown would hurt, opinions change when it comes to dental crowns. There are multiple misconceptions surrounding dental procedures, but we are here to put them to rest. If your dentist suggested a dental cap for your damaged tooth, you might wonder, ‘How bad is getting a crown?’

Dental crowns are among the most frequent and effective tooth restoration options. They help restore your damaged tooth by protecting it against further harm as well as enhancing the appearance of your teeth. But the question remains: does getting a dental crown hurt?

In this blog, we will mention the dental crown procedure in detail to let you know what is involved. This way, you can see for yourself that getting a dental crown does not hurt.

Dental Crown Procedure

You can receive a dental crown in two visits to the dentist’s office. So, let us proceed with what goes on during the dental crown procedure.

First Visit

First, the dental specialist will examine the affected tooth and conduct an x-ray. If the dental x-ray shows decay, injury, or the presence of infection — you might need a root canal first. Then, the dentist will prepare the tooth by making room for the dental crown. While it sounds painful, you will be under local anesthetic and feel nothing but numbness. Therefore, getting a dental crown will not hurt. As your dentist shaves the tooth about 2 mm, you will not feel any pain. The amount of tooth removed, however, depends on the type of dental crown.

In some cases, most of the tooth’s structure is missing. If so, the dentist will rebuild some of the tooth to ensure there is sufficient space for the dental crown to fit. Then, an impression of the area is taken with the help of putty. This way, the dental crown will not affect your bite and will have a proper fit. This step is not painful either.

Your dentist will send the impressions to the lab. And in the meantime, you will be given a temporary crown, which does not hurt.

Second Visit

On your second visit, you will receive the permanent, personalized dental crown. Getting a permanent crown does not hurt! The dentist will remove the temporary cap and replace it with the permanent option. Lastly, they will check the bite and other aspects. If you feel any discomfort, inform the dentist right away! Even when your permanent dental crown is attached, the site will be numb due to anesthesia.

Pain or Discomfort After Getting the Dental Crown

Since you are under anesthesia and the area is numb, getting a dental brown does not hurt. However, you might feel slight pain and discomfort after the procedure. Furthermore, you may experience tenderness and soreness in the area. If the pain is agonizing or lasts long, talk to a dentist.

Final Takeaway

Now that you know the answer to ‘How long does getting a crown take?’ You should know that the affected area is numb when the procedure is performed. Therefore, the pain will not occur. You should inform the dentist if you feel any discomfort during the dental crown procedure.

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