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One of the primary concerns people often have about dental braces is how it will affect their smile. It can be hard for adults, especially those who don’t want to wear unattractive metal work all day long but Invisalign has an almost invisible system that straightens teeth fast and contains no metals!

Invisalign® treatment is a series of custom made aligning trays that get changed every several weeks to fit the new tooth configuration. The dentist also takes out some for important occasions, which means you’re in control over when your teeth will be straightened! Many people say they were completely satisfied with both how easy it was and what stunning results came from this innovative approach to dental care.”

What kind of bite problems can Invisalign® correct?

Invisalign® corrects the same dental problems as traditional metal braces; the only difference is that Invisalign® trays are almost invisible to the naked eye, and can be removed at will.

  • When it comes to dental care, less is more. That’s why Invisalign® trays only correct the same problems as traditional metal braces; however these almost invisible plastic tubes can be removed at any time and replaced with a fresh set for each treatment session (or until you want your teeth back!).
  • The dental problems of crossbite, overbite and underbite can be painful. They’re also common occurring in about 40% to 50 percent respectively among adults 18 years or older . Crossbites occur when one upper tooth scrapes against another causing wear on both your oral health as well a mental state because it feels like there’s always something stuck inside my mouth that needs chewing upon which might make me grind my teeth even harder than before! The reason why I get so frustrated with this condition is because if left untreated then bone erosion could result leading right upons gum disease..

What advantages does Invisalign® offer over traditional braces and veneers?

The three different ways to perfect teeth alignment are traditional dental braces, Invisalign® aligning trays and veneers. There’s many considerations when deciding which treatment will be best; this includes things like comfort level with wearing them as well invisibility or reliability of results (invis). The main difference between these options lies within their removable nature versus full metal constructions found in most types of orthodontic appliances such as brace follicles.

Output: People who struggle socially may not find it easy going from being identified by others at every turn whether positively perceived through compliments about how nice smile they have/how great appearance really does matter etc., negatively judged due to fears surrounding discomfort associated directly.

Unlike veneers, Invisalign® is a kind of teeth straightening system that actually puts your smile into shape. Unlike traditional dental treatments where the dentist will put you down for an expensive and time consuming process against their own best interest as well as yours because they’re not doing anything about those crooked looking crowns on top! By using this more cost effective alternative to tooth transformations with temporary covers until we can afford real porcelain ones later down road; there’s never any need worrying whether our diffidence will ever suffer from lackluster oral health again.

What does Invisalign® treatment involve?

First, the dentist will plan an initial treatment before creating special trays. Three dimensional digital images are taken of every aspect in order to move specific teeth on screen and view jaws from different angles; this technology can show how Invisalign® treatments might change your facial aesthetics!

Once planning has been complete (and after approval by Patient Coordinator), a unique set is made for each patient that varies based upon their needs but typically includes 20 – 29 sets per arch.

What are some considerations when wearing Invisalign® trays?

With Invisalign®, you’ll be able to speak normally again in just weeks. The trays should only come off when eating or drinking because food can get stuck between your teeth and cause tooth decay if it isn’t removed every time we stop for nourishment. It’s important that during our meals, drink items such as juice boxes are used so they don’t get trapped underneath any of the plates on either side!

For most people who wear aligners regularly (every 2 weeks), changes will begin seeing improvement within minutes after putting them into place sometimes even before getting started!”

If you have questions about Invisalign®, please contact our office.

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