The Link Between Sleep Apnea and Heart Disease: What You Need to Know

Feb 28, 20231044 Views

Sleep apnea is an often overlooked and untreated sleep disorder that can have serious health risks, including a connection to heart disease. If you’re concerned about the potentially life-threatening implications of sleep apnea, look no further – this blog post is here to provide insight into how the disorder works and what can be done […]

Fluoride: The Critical Component for Optimal Dental Care

Feb 15, 2023963 Views

Fluoride is an essential element in sustaining healthy teeth and gums. Regular consumption of fluoride helps to fortify tooth enamel, preventing it from breaking down due to erosion or cavities. Yet, you must be cautious with your fluoride ingestion since an excessive amount can lead to dental fluorosis. The Benefits of Fluoride for Dental Health […]

6 Dentures Myth & Misconception — Don’t Believe Everything You Hear!

Jan 30, 20231636 Views

When you are facing tooth loss, dentures are one of the most popular replacement options. However, there are some factors that give dentures a bad rep. But here’s the thing: most of these ‘facts’ are actually just myths! In the past, people would face problems like dentures being too big for the mouth or prosthetics […]

When in Doubt, Go Over These 5 Amazing Benefits of Dentures

Jan 15, 2023986 Views

It can seem like the end of the world to learn you have tooth loss. How are you supposed to live and function without your teeth? But there’s no need to worry since your dentist will introduce you to the many alternatives to your teeth. Although nothing comes close to natural teeth, you can find […]

My Gums Bleed When I Brush — 5 Possible Causes

Dec 30, 20222818 Views

Imagine brushing your teeth expecting the refreshing taste of toothpaste and a clean smile — only to notice blood on your toothbrush. It can be scary to notice bleeding gums, but usually, the cause is not serious. You should visit a periodontist for bleeding gums, as they are a symptom of gum disease. If you’re […]

All You Need to Know About Front Tooth Crown

Dec 15, 20221657 Views

When you have a severely damaged tooth, dental crowns help save it. These dental caps cover your entire tooth to protect it from further harm. Typically, people get a dental crown on their back teeth or molars. But did you know you can get a crown on the front tooth as well? Sometimes, a dental […]


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