Wondering What Those White Spots on Your Tonsils Indicate?

Jul 30, 2022176 Views

White spots on your tonsils can be a scary sight, and you might start panicking once you detect them. However, the causes of these white patches are treatable in most cases, which means that they are usually not a symptom of a serious condition. We will get you familiar with the possible reasons why your […]

Teeth Whitening ─ How Long Does It Last?

Jul 15, 20224 Views

Everyone wants to attain that pearly, white smile. There are many ways to whiten teeth, whether at home or at the dental office. These include whitening strips and gels, chairside bleaching, etc. Unfortunately, your teeth will not remain white forever, regardless of your whitening procedure. However, some last longer than others do. Keep reading this […]

Why Do Dentists Use Temporary Tooth Filling?

Jun 30, 20223 Views

Dentists emphasize proper oral care more since overall health depends on it. However, many times, there are specific reasons that may turn the situation otherwise. Improper care or trauma can cause various problems such as cavities or chipped or broken teeth. These situations may or may not be an emergency, and in such a scenario, […]

Heal A Burnt Tongue With These 9 Tips

Jun 15, 20224 Views

We have all been here, haven’t we? Eating or drinking something way too hot to handle resulting in burning the roof of the mouth or tongue. The urge to eat our favorites without regard to temperature is sometimes understandable. The situation is common, so how do we heal a burnt tongue effectively? That is some […]

Dos and Don’ts Of Tooth Extraction Recovery

May 30, 20225 Views

Tooth extraction is an inevitable process when you fail to protect your teeth from decay or if your wisdom teeth grow at an improper angle creating difficulties. This process is pretty common amongst adults; we understand the emotional turmoil if you are going to go through this for the first time. Do not worry; stay […]

Wisdom Teeth Stitches and Dry socket Formation – Are They Related?

May 15, 20223 Views

Wisdom teeth are the last set; they pop up late, so naturally do not get much space for growth. This can cause wisdom tooth infection, and one method to deal with this issue is getting an extraction. The thought of stitches might throw you off, right? Why are stitches required for wisdom teeth extraction? Expect […]