When you are facing tooth loss, dentures are one of the most popular replacement options. However, there are some factors that give dentures a bad rep. But here’s the thing: most of these ‘facts’ are actually just myths!

In the past, people would face problems like dentures being too big for the mouth or prosthetics slipping off. Nowadays, these issues don’t exist, as the advancements in the dentistry world have made it possible to create the perfect set of dentures for the affected individual. So, how do you know myth from fact? You’re at the right place — we’ll tell you some popular denture misconceptions you should not believe.

Differentiating Denture Myth from Fact

Below, You’ll find a list of some common misconceptions about dentures. We will tell you the true facts and bust the myths:

People Can Tell You’re Wearing Dentures

Many individuals fear that others would be able to tell that they are wearing dentures as the prosthetics don’t resemble their natural teeth.


Dentures are a tooth replacement option, which means they’re made to replace your natural teeth. Nobody is going to point at your teeth and shout: Fake!

Your dental specialist will create a set of prosthetics that will resemble your actual teeth. From color to shape to function, they look like real teeth. This is especially true if you invest in high-quality dentures.

Dentures Make It Challenging to Eat

It is a widely accepted ‘fact’ that having dentures makes it difficult to eat your food.


While adjusting to dentures takes time, it doesn’t cause much trouble while eating. You can start with liquid or soft foods in the beginning. Then, you can slowly introduce your favorite dishes once the prosthetics have adjusted in your mouth.

Dentures Will Slip Out

Since dentures sit on your gums, many people believe that they will fall out when you’re talking or eating.


This is a misconception about dentures that they fall out of the mouth. The only scenario it will happen is if your dentures are ill-fitted or of cheap quality. Therefore, talk to your dentist about getting good quality dentures that fit into your mouth perfectly. Since dentures are customized according to your mouth, it’s not likely that they will just slip off.

Only Old People Use Dentures

Dentures have been associated with old people; many think that these prosthetics are only limited to old folks with no teeth left.


Yes, dentures are usually used by people who are old, but this is a misconception. You can get dentures if you’re missing one or more teeth, regardless of your age. Moreover, you can choose from complete or partial dentures, depending on your condition. Talk to your dentist to learn what’s the best choice for you!

Dentures Mean No More Visits to the Dentist!

Dentures help replace your teeth, which might lead you to believe that you don’t need dental attention anymore.


Just because you have dentures, it does not mean you don’t need to visit the dentist. This is because the dentist will determine if your dentures fit correctly on every visit. Moreover, they’ll keep a check on your gums to ensure they’re healthy. Hence, dentures or not, you should not miss your dental examination at any cost.

We Can Wear Dentures All Day

As dentures replace our natural teeth, any are under the impression that you can wear them all day long and into the night as well.


If you don’t wear fixed dentures, you cannot wear them every second. Your gums and mouth need rest. Thus, sleeping with dentures is not an option, and they have to be soaked overnight. Wearing dentures all day and all night could result in swollen gums. Since these prosthetics require maintenance, you’ll need to follow the dentist’s instructions on what to do.

Looking for an Experienced Dentist?

Dentures are among the popular tooth replacement options that help restore your smile. Some rumors and misconceptions might make you rethink this alternative, but consult your dentist to know the truthful facts. At Gateway Family Dentistry, we know how important your oral health is. This is why we prioritize your needs and offer the best dentures in Bakersfield. See for yourself by visiting us at 13029 Stockdale Hwy, # 100, Bakersfield, CA 93314. You can also book an appointment at (661) 829-7905.

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